Save the Coral Reefs


The islands of the Dutch Caribbean have a great wealth of biological diversity.  They host over a hundred species that are unique to one of the islands and are  not found anywhere else in the world (endemic species). They also provide a  refuge for dozens of animal or plant species that are endangered worldwide  and a variety of worldwide-endangered ecosystems. The surrounding waters  and coastal areas of the islands are rich in mangrove forests, seagrass beds, and  coral reefs. (red. Saba News Jan. 18, 2021) 

It’s of great importance to maintain the environment both above and below the  water surface carefully. Therefore Saba and St. EustaKus has started a major  environmental project to reduce erosion and safeguard endangered reefs  around the two islands. The project will include the reforestaKon of areas  stripped bare of vegetaKon due to land erosion caused by heavy rainfall mainly  in hurricane season. By means of below-ground aquifers in denuded areas to  slow and redirect water it will help reforestaKon and will also restrict the  release of sediment onto surrounding coral reefs.  

With the support of the European Union, St. EustaKus NaKonal Parks  FoundaKon Stenapa and the Saba ConservaKon FoundaKon SCF also will  collaborate on the culKvaKon of plants and training potenKal new beekeepers  for increasing biodiversity, especially of pollinators such as bees not only for the  benefit of nature but it will also help the agriculture sectors and will help  improving the islands’ food security and hurricane resilience. The whole project  will improve the ecosystem services, the biodiversity and the economic  resilience of Saba and StaKa.