The Caribbean’s Most Underrated Ecotourism Destinations—And Where To Stay


Every destination has a story, no matter how small.

From the icy expanses of the Arctic to the warm marshes of Florida, North America boasts diverse wonders. But the Caribbean stands out with its stunning variety of life. Rainforests, deserts, and islands create homes for unique creatures found nowhere else. And amidst all this natural beauty, you’ll find luxurious resorts perfect for spotting wildlife. As summer approaches, these hidden treasures of the Caribbean beckon to explorers of all ages.

Just a hop away from Sint Maarten lies the tiny gem of Saba, a mere speck on the map at thirteen square kilometers. But don’t let its size fool you—this lush island is packed with wonders waiting to be discovered. Venture into its heart along winding trails, or dive into its crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life. Sea Saba offers guided tours, promising encounters with colorful fish like the blue tang and majestic creatures like the spotted eagle ray.

After a day of underwater exploration, find solace at The Cottage Club Hotel. Tucked away amidst the island’s beauty, this charming retreat offers ten cozy cottages, each with its own kitchen and balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Relax on your private perch and watch as native hummingbirds flit about, or embark on the Mas’Cohones Trail for a chance encounter with the Saba anole, a lizard known for its unique spots reminiscent for a cheetah-like skin coloration.

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