Saba Carnival 2024


Carnival on Saba, also known as the Saba Summer Festival starts this year with the Carnival Street Fair on Friday July 12th. The festival features great music, great food, colorful parades and the friendliest of atmosphere. Each night during the week it offers a different musical performance or show and it’s absolutely fun for everyone. 

 The Caribbean Carnival originally celebrated the abolition of slavery. According to Saba Tourism Bureau, the Saba Summer Festival has been taking place since 1975. It’s held in July as many Sabans living abroad, in particular students furthering their education elsewhere, return home for the Summer holidays. The Saba Summer Festival may use terms familiar from Lenten carnivals, such as Jouvert and Last Lap, but the emphasis here is on having fun rather than on a final indulgence before the austerity of Lent.

Highlights of the festival include the Opening Night Jump-Up, where islanders parade through the streets, dancing and enjoying the joy of the celebration, live concerts, various competitions, comedy shows, costume contests and the costume parades that take place. on the last Saturday and Sunday. Carnival Monday is a very welcome day off for everyone to catch their breath and recover after the end of the Festival. This last Monday of July is an official day off in the Caribbean