The Caribbean’s Most Underrated Ecotourism Destinations—And Where To Stay

Every destination has a story, no matter how small. From the icy expanses of the Arctic to the warm marshes of Florida, North America boasts diverse wonders. But the Caribbean stands out with its stunning variety of life. Rainforests, deserts, and islands create homes for unique creatures found nowhere else. And amidst all this natural […]

10 kilometer run on Saba

On the 27th of April there will be a 10km run on Saba. If you would like to join this run you can choose to do the 10K in one of three ways: Do you want to Participate in a team? Every team should have at least one female. If you choose to do a […]

Explore Saba: Your Eco-Escape

Saba has been included in a roundup of eco-friendly destinations to celebrate Earth Month on Saba is positioned as an amazing escape for those seeking an eco-conscious vacation. The island is highlighted for its multitude of sustainability initiatives, nature-immersive activities like hiking and diving, and the fact that earlier last year the Saba Bank […]

Traveling to Saba is an adventure in its own right!

Embarking on a thrilling journey to the stunning Saba Island is an adventure unlike any other! And what’s more exciting than soaring through the sky to reach this Caribbean gem? With limited options for access, flying to Saba is the ultimate way to kick off your adventure. Imagine taking off from a nearby airport and […]

Save the Coral Reefs

The islands of the Dutch Caribbean have a great wealth of biological diversity.  They host over a hundred species that are unique to one of the islands and are  not found anywhere else in the world (endemic species). They also provide a  refuge for dozens of animal or plant species that are endangered worldwide  and […]

Saba runs 100 percent on solar energy

The island of Saba has reached a milestone. The diesel generators only run here at night. In 2050, the energy supply of the Netherlands must be sustainable and CO2 neutral. The Caribbean Saba is almost there. At the end of last month, the entire island ran on solar energy for 2 hours and the diesel […]